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Joanne Davies Reflexology


An ongoing series of informational entries

Benefits of Reflexology

Saturday June 13th, 2020

What are the benefits of holistic reflexology to me?

Holistic reflexology is a natural therapy that benefits not only the physical body but also the mind, emotions & the whole being

It works via the feet, hands, ears or face, to help rebalance the whole person - the choice is yours where you would like to be touched

A holistic reflexology sessions is

  • Deeply relaxing
  • Energising
  • Enhances a deeper meditative state of being
  • Helps the body heal it self
  • Helps to restore balance
  • Help both healthy & those living with stress
  • Assists with imbalances & Dis-ease in life
  • Suitable for all ages

By taking your weight off your feet & reclining in an anti gravity recliner chair, is relaxing in it's self, but by adding touch & massage in specific ways, which is tailored to your individual needs.  You'll enjoy its therapeutic & deep relaxing vibes, which will foster calmness & will bring tranquility during your treatment session and for some time afterwards!

Holistic reflexology helps clear the mind & allowing better focus, cleansing & detoxifying emotionally & physically

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Release tension
  • Offer deeper relaxation
  • Encourages better balance both body & mind
  • Increase overall energy levels
  • Reduces adrenal overloading
  • Assist natural detox process of the body
  • Bring about gentle cleansing

Love & light to all

Jo x


Saturday June 13th, 2020

What does success mean to you?

Success for me is having the guts to have my own goals & to achieve them.  Not to copy others & follow someone else's path in life...….

It is my need to feel happy & fulfilled with what I have created for my self, that I have achieved what I set out to!

By chasing my own dreams I am working on my own personal development, my own journey through life's path

I love to help others, I love to connect and share experiences, I want to make positive impacts on others, helping others to help themselves by providing value

I love to empower others, helping each person to take control of their own treatment & health & wellness, by supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms & combining reflexology with conventional medicine.  

Conventional medicine is there to help control the symptoms, whilst reflexology supports to body & mind & the whole person, to relax and de-stress both physically & emotionally, to aid sleep & digestion, blood circulations.  

Working toward Optimal Wellness along the way

Love & light to all

Jo x

What is Holistic Approach?

Saturday June 13th, 2020

What is an Holistic Approach?

I've been doing some thinking, reading & studying into what an holistic approach means to me...… I've been on another path in my personal discovery journey!

For me personally it is; supporting the whole person, not just the physical body but also the mind & spirit.  Encapsulating personal life, work life, general lifestyle, emotional, spiritual & social well-being.

Holistic Health & Well-being has 8 main pillars

  1.  Physical - Looking at aches, pains & tension in the body, sleep & hygiene
  2.  Nutritional - based on age/sex/activity level/body chemistry - balanced diet - incorporating daily fruit & veg & water intake              
  3.  Emotional - Helping with reducing stress, anxiety & low mood
  4.  Social - Family & Social Life
  5.  Spiritual - My purpose in life & being in the present moment
  6.  Intellectual - Enhancing creativeness & knowledge
  7.  Financial - Getting the right work life balance & environmental aspects
  8.  Environmental - Diet & Exercise

Working & strengthening these various aspects of our lives, will give us a sense of how to work towards our optimal wellness, it is an unique & individual journey as each and everyone of us is unique, so what might work for one wont necessarily work for another, its not a one size fits all!

Our personality, biological make up & your environment will determine what wellness means to us as an individual.

Habits I'm trying to follow:

Bed Time Routine

  1. Incorporating a relaxing wind down routine each night - dim lights, aromatherapy relaxing room spray & a gentle stretch before bed
  2. 30 minutes before bed - avoid looking at my phone/tablet/laptop
  3.  Listen to calming music or a guided meditation

Food Log

  1.  Paying attention to portion sizes on my plate
  2.  Consuming a variety of colourful fruits & vegetables to get a variety of micronutrients
  3. Replacing refined grains with whole grains to increase fibre

Emotional Feelings

  1. Journaling has been something that I have been concentrating on more during this Covid-19 lockdown, it is helping me to write down my feelings as I am not very good at sharing my feeling, I ten dot keep things inside my head...….. So I am progressing in this area, albeit small steps!

Positive Relationships

  1.  I have many acquaintances that come into my life at various times, but I don't have any real close friends that I chat or meet up with regularly.  It is an area that I need to work on, to meet new people, to get out there & be socialable!  It is healthy to have a good support systems to aid us through life's up's & down's, so I need to reach out & connect with others & to maintain strong relationships


  1.  Spirituality is an important part in my life at present, it is my sense of purpose, direction & meaning in life, my life's balance. I regularly incorporate meditation into my day and try to make time to connect with nature and my higher self & spiritual guides.  I also use a journal to help clear my mind, record thoughts & to reflect & keep my values in front of me, aiding my guidance for every day situations.  I am working on saying "no" more as I am an easy to please person!
This aspect is different for everyone, some like to use prayer, daily devotionals, gratitude's & affirmations, any way to check in with our intentions & use our intuitions, enhancing our value based approach to life, which help to guide our actions


  1.  I am constantly reading, watching, writing, learning, reading, studying, I love it, it is one of my passions, I can't get enough, I love to learn & grow to improve my development in life.  I am continually strengthening my intellectual wellness by engaging my mind.  By building new skills & knowledge that inspire & challenge me daily, thus enabling me to grow!  Some love quizzes, puzzles & games but for me its education, it's what makes me tick


  1. Financially wellness to me, is having a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in & food on the table with family to enjoy it with.  I have a love hate relationship with money, yes I like spending it but don't like asking for payment, it is my overall weakness that I need to work on, as it does stand for what I value myself at!  This is where I need to focus my energy...….


  1.  My personal surroundings & the community where I live, is where I was born, I have completed a full 360 & have returned to the place I was born and lived growing up, but now I have the big beadroom in the front of the house, as its now my house!  This is my safe place, the place I am calm & relaxed, where I know it feels like home because it is home, my safe zone!
  2. Home is currently my work place, so my desk is kept clear to inspire my creativity & productivity and to have a clear & fresh focus
  3. Community wise, I have been having regulary chats with the neighbours over the garden walls & carrying out a few shopping errands along the way

So what's your focus area? 

As you have read mine is Financial wellbeing - my self value, that I will be happy to take payment for my holistic practises & craft creations, to be fully confident in my worth!

Love & light to all

Jo x