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Joanne Davies Complementary Therapies

A journey to holistic & spiritual wellness  | Touch therapies for your  Body, Mind & Soul

Incorporating western techniques and eastern wisdom, balancing your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self

My Rambling Thoughts Blog

An ongoing series of my ramblings and thoughts entries

Check In

Tuesday 19th January, 2021

How are you feeling?

Well done to all of us who are just about hanging in there!

I have told myself this week that it is perfectly ok to not feel my normal self right now, and I think I am ok with that! Furthermore, it's ok to be gentler with myself and to take my foot off the accelerator a little. Why add more pressure from my own mental chatter and challenges, when we are going through this pandemic?

Subsequently, I thought I’d explore this heaviness a little further and how it may manifest in our bodies physically and energetically and to share my ramblings with you, which is based on my reflexology and energy work experience and training and my love on reading and studying books such as Louise Hay “You can Heal Your Body”, Deb Shapiro “Your Body Speaks Your Mind” and Dr. Christine Page “Frontiers of Health”.

Heaviness Of The World On Our Shoulders

We as a collective, are all going through this upsetting, stressful and worrying time. We all have the world on our shoulders in various levels of pressure right now. It is personal varying weight to each and every one of us, whether it be our burdens, duties and responsibilities, this virus, our family demands, work demands, home schooling, financial matters, our mortgage or rent and bill payments. Even being isolated and having to remain indoors and not having physical contact with others. It is hard, it’s really hard!

Shoulder Check In?

Sometimes this heaviness we are experiencing, impacts our physical and emotional well-being, we may be experiencing tension in our shoulders, arms and hands. So, let’s check in with our shoulders how are they feeling, how do they look when you look in the mirror?

• Are your shoulders tight and achy?

• Are your shoulders raising upward towards your ears?

• Are your shoulders stiff and rigid?

• Are your shoulders hunched?

• Do your shoulders pull backwards?

*Make a note of how your shoulders feel and look and we will address them a bit further down

Shoulders, Arms & Hands - Our Doing Centre

Our shoulders, arms and hands are our doing centre in our bodies, our shoulders represent out ability to carry our life experiences. This may have an impact how we are living our lives and the work we are currently having to do. We may be doing things that we really don't want to be doing, the way we are having to live right now during this pandemic.


Currently we are not able to fully express ourselves and our real needs. We currently have to stay indoors and we are not able to socialise physically with others, we are having to repress our feelings, our desires to be social butterflies. We might be feeling scared and we pull back to our safe zone and not show our true self, we may have too much to do, too much pressure and demands, but would rather not be doing it.

Blocked Energy Flow

We cannot truly express ourselves and this tension builds and builds until we feel oppressed and in turn may cause blockages in our energy flow. Energy blockages may cause physical pain and stiffness.

Mental Activity

Our muscles respond to our mental activity and energy; pain, stiffness and tension in our shoulders may indicate that the responsibilities that we are currently feeling, in which we need to maintain as much as a ‘normal life’ as we possibly can, increases the pressure on our shoulders.

• Negative thoughts, our burdens and wishes, for our lives to get back to normal, may knot our energy and our shoulder muscles become tighter and painful when we are carrying too much heaviness on our shoulders

• Feelings of loneliness and neglect may manifest as a frozen shoulder, as we feel emotionally cold

• Fear and anxiety may cause our shoulders to raise

• Overwhelmed with life issues our shoulders may become hunched and our desire to close ourselves down and protect our hearts

• Wanting to show that we are strong, our shoulders may pull backwards, pushing our chests outwards, showing an open and strong heart, but by pulling back our shoulder we may also be attempting to hold back our feelings.


Presently we are so busy and absorbed with so many worldwide and personal issues, our obligations to others and even just living through this pandemic, we are totally neglecting ourselves as we go into automatic functioning. We don't think about prioritising ourselves or having time for self-care. So have a good think about your own self-care……

• When was the last time you listened to your body or checked in with how you are feeling?

• When did you spend half an hour to an hour relaxing; maybe in your bath with a candle and some relaxing music, a good book and your favourite bath products, or just having some time for a face mask?


I love a daily affirmation and have chosen to share:

“I choose to allow all my experiences to be joyous and loving”

Louise Hay ~ “You Can Heal Your Life”

Heart Chakra

Our fourth Chakra, Heart Chakra, is located behind the breast bone, in front of the spine, and between the shoulder blades. Our Heart Chakra is linked to the following organs; the heart, lungs, circulatory system, shoulders, and upper back. It is our centre of love, compassion, and spirituality.

Heart Energy

We may also assist ourselves by using our heart energy, bringing our heart and green chakra energy up to our shoulders, and down into our arms and hands.


Try some self-love, by hugging ourselves, some caring hand reflexology and massage. Our hearts and our love, will help to release and relax our energy blockages and our tension in our shoulders.

I just wanted to finish with…… we are going through this collectively, we are all together in the same boat, we are joined in union, but not in the way we expected to be together, even though we are physically apart.

But somehow, we are all still getting up every day and refusing to quit, we remain strong and battle our way through this challenging time. We cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet, but we keep going, in any way we can.

We are stronger than we know!

Love & light to all

Jo x

Joanne Davies Reflexology CRM5, MAR, CNHC, MFHT

What is Holistic Approach?

Saturday June 13th, 2020

What is an Holistic Approach?

I've been doing some thinking, reading & studying into what an holistic approach means to me...… I've been on another path in my personal discovery journey!

For me personally it is; supporting the whole person, not just the physical body but also the mind & spirit. Encapsulating personal life, work life, general lifestyle, emotional, spiritual & social well-being.

Holistic Health & Well-being has 8 main pillars

  1. Physical - Looking at aches, pains & tension in the body, sleep & hygiene
  2. Nutritional - based on age/sex/activity level/body chemistry - balanced diet - incorporating daily fruit & veg & water intake
  3. Emotional - Helping with reducing stress, anxiety & low mood
  4. Social - Family & Social Life
  5. Spiritual - My purpose in life & being in the present moment
  6. Intellectual - Enhancing creativeness & knowledge
  7. Financial - Getting the right work life balance & environmental aspects
  8. Environmental - Diet & Exercise

Working & strengthening these various aspects of our lives, will give us a sense of how to work towards our optimal wellness, it is an unique & individual journey as each and everyone of us is unique, so what might work for one wont necessarily work for another, its not a one size fits all!

Our personality, biological make up & your environment will determine what wellness means to us as an individual.

Habits I'm trying to follow:

Bed Time Routine

Incorporating a relaxing wind down routine each night - dim lights, aromatherapy relaxing room spray & a gentle stretch before bed

30 minutes before bed - avoid looking at my phone/tablet/laptop

Listen to calming music or a guided meditation

Food Log

Paying attention to portion sizes on my plate

Consuming a variety of colourful fruits & vegetables to get a variety of micronutrients

Replacing refined grains with whole grains to increase fibre

Emotional Feelings

Journaling has been something that I have been concentrating on more during this Covid-19 lockdown, it is helping me to write down my feelings as I am not very good at sharing my feeling, I ten dot keep things inside my head...….. So I am progressing in this area, albeit small steps!

Positive Relationships

I have many acquaintances that come into my life at various times, but I don't have any real close friends that I chat or meet up with regularly. It is an area that I need to work on, to meet new people, to get out there & be socialable! It is healthy to have a good support systems to aid us through life's up's & down's, so I need to reach out & connect with others & to maintain strong relationships.


Spirituality is an important part in my life at present, it is my sense of purpose, direction & meaning in life, my life's balance. I regularly incorporate meditation into my day and try to make time to connect with nature and my higher self & spiritual guides. I also use a journal to help clear my mind, record thoughts & to reflect & keep my values in front of me, aiding my guidance for every day situations. I am working on saying "no" more as I am an easy to please person!

This aspect is different for everyone, some like to use prayer, daily devotionals, gratitude's & affirmations, any way to check in with our intentions & use our intuitions, enhancing our value based approach to life, which help to guide our actions.


I am constantly reading, watching, writing, learning, reading, studying, I love it, it is one of my passions, I can't get enough, I love to learn & grow to improve my development in life. I am continually strengthening my intellectual wellness by engaging my mind. By building new skills & knowledge that inspire & challenge me daily, thus enabling me to grow! Some love quizzes, puzzles & games but for me its education, it's what makes me tick.


Financially wellness to me, is having a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in & food on the table with family to enjoy it with. I have a love hate relationship with money, yes I like spending it but don't like asking for payment, it is my overall weakness that I need to work on, as it does stand for what I value myself at! This is where I need to focus my energy...….


My personal surroundings & the community where I live, is where I was born, I have completed a full 360 & have returned to the place I was born and lived growing up, but now I have the big beadroom in the front of the house, as its now my house! This is my safe place, the place I am calm & relaxed, where I know it feels like home because it is home, my safe zone!

Home is currently my work place, so my desk is kept clear to inspire my creativity & productivity and to have a clear & fresh focus.

Community wise, I have been having regularly chats with the neighbours over the garden walls & carrying out a few shopping errands along the way

So what's your focus area?

As you have read mine is Financial wellbeing - my self value, that I will be happy to take payment for my holistic practises & craft creations, to be fully confident in my worth!

Love & light to all

Jo x

What is success?

Saturday June 13th, 2020


What does success mean to you?

Success for me is having the guts to have my own goals & to achieve them. Not to copy others & follow someone else's path in life...….

It is my need to feel happy & fulfilled with what I have created for my self, that I have achieved what I set out to!

By chasing my own dreams I am working on my own personal development, my own journey through life's path I love to help others, I love to connect and share experiences, I want to make positive impacts on others, helping others to help themselves by providing value I love to empower others, helping each person to take control of their own treatment & health & wellness, by supporting the body's natural healing mechanisms & combining reflexology with conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine is there to help control the symptoms, whilst reflexology supports to body & mind & the whole person, to relax and de-stress both physically & emotionally, to aid sleep & digestion, blood circulations.

Working toward Optimal Wellness along the way!

Love & light to all

Jo x