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Joanne Davies Complementary Therapies

A journey to holistic & spiritual wellness  | Touch therapies for your  Body, Mind & Soul

Incorporating western techniques and eastern wisdom, balancing your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self

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I am so looking forward to working with you on your holistic wellness journey with reflexology, and though this is the best place and opportunity for you to know what to expect, to make you feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible. But I will always talk through the process with you when we meet.

As a qualified Reflexologist I do NOT ever claim to

diagnose, prescribe or cure any complaints or illnesses


The initial consultation, it will last for about 90 minutes, where we will spend around 30 minutes discussing your health and lifestyle, the reason for which you are seeking an appointment, this will enable me to draw up your individual therapy plan and gives you time to ask me any questions you may have. I want you to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible. Once we have agreed on your therapy plan, you will remove your shoes and socks and will be invited to sit on my recliner Lafuma chair or massage couch. Once you are in a comfortable position I'll cover you with a blanket and start with relaxation techniques on your feet and lower legs. Please wear comfortable trousers or a skirt. Once I start the reflexology session, I will check the pressure of my touch with you and adapt to your personal preference. Some clients like to chat others like to close their eyes, relax and sleep. the choice is yours. A full session will take around 50 minutes and then we will discuss aftercare and discuss the reflexology given, any findings and plan for next appointment.


Everyone is different and our bodies may respond quicker to reflexology than others, you may feel an improvement after one session, however, it may be advisable that a course of appointment sessions would be more beneficial followed up with monthly maintenance appointments. In most cases several sessions will be needed in order to obtain the maximum benefit, for example 6 to 8 weekly appointments, which are usually shorter than the initial consultation, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes are usually recommended followed by monthly appointments. A program of one session per month is recommended in order to maintain the wellbeing and balance found after a course of appointment sessions or just for pure indulgent me time and deep relaxation.


  • Initial Consultation including free health & wellbeing consultation
  • From £40 for a full hour appointment of Duopody Reflexology
  • £25 for express half hour & taster Duopody Reflexology appointment
  • Corporate Packages & Wellness Days Price on Request

Feel free to contact me or by phone, email or social media.