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Joanne Davies Complementary Therapies

A journey to holistic & spiritual wellness  | Touch therapies for your  Body, Mind & Soul

Incorporating western techniques and eastern wisdom, balancing your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self

Why choose complementary therapies?

Stress, nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy lifestyles can all serve to disrupt our bodies, making it a breeding ground for illness, pain and chronic conditions. Complementary Therapies aims to restore balance to the body by not only stimulating all of the body’s myriad of constituents, but also by allowing the body to transition into parasympathetic mode which in turn allows the body to begin healing and regenerating.   Complementary Therapies may help you manage everyday stresses and challenges.  These stresses and challenges may manifest themselves.

Stress - Physical, Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms 

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
  • Depression, Low Mood and Low Energy
  • Worry, Racing Thoughts, Inability To Focus, Disorganised, Forgetfulness
  • Changes in appetite - either not eating or eating too much

  • Increased nervous behaviors - nail biting, fidgeting and pacing

  • Increased use of alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes

  • Procrastinating and avoiding responsibilities

  • Digestive Problems, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Nausea, Acid Reflux & IBS
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Aches, Pains and Muscle Tension
  • Hormone Imbalance and Menopausal Symptoms
  • Sleep Issues and Insomnia
  • Muscle Tension - Neck, Backache and TMD (Jaw pain and tension)
  • Skin Conditions - Acne, Premature wrinkles
  • Sinusitis and Nasal Congestion
  • Chest Pain and Rapid Heartrate
  • Frequent Colds and Infections
  • Loss of Sexual Desire and/or ability
  • Nervousness - shaking, ringing in the ears, and cold or sweaty hands and feet
  • Dry mouth and a hard time swallowing

Complementary Therapies may help you to;

  • Relive stress and tension and in turn promote deep relaxation
  • Reduce aches and pains, relieve symptoms and manage conditions
  • Improve nerve function and sensitivity
  • Faster recovery from injury and surgery
  • Improve blood supply circulation to all areas of your body
  • Help nature achieve homeostasis (physical & emotional balance)
  • Boost immune system
  • Help to eliminate toxins from the body
  • Increase energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Pregnancy - help with reducing swelling, morning sickness, balances hormones, improves sleep and increases circulation
  • Reduce PMS symptoms
  • Assist with menopause - hot flushes, headaches, mood swings
  • Assist with chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects - nausea and vomiting, fatigue and sleep
  • Treat the whole person holistically
  • Encourage self responsibility of health & wellbeing
  • Have a positive effect on body, mind & spirit
  • Create general harmony & balance, by lifting your mood

Complementary Therapies

A range of body & mind therapies for natural health & wellbeing

Swedish  Massage

Massage is a great way to relax and unwind. A massage involves manipulating the muscles and joints to relieve stress or pain. This is achieved by relaxing tight muscles and promoting blood circulation.

Massage is generally used for  relaxation and general wellbeing, but may also be used to manage aches and pains and other symptoms and conditions, including back pain, pain in labour, fibromyalgia and headaches.

Full body or Back, Neck & Shoulders?

Indulge in a 90 minute full body massage including a facial massage, a 60 minute full body massage or if you are short on time a 30 minute express back neck and shoulder massage.

A back neck shoulder massage is a great substitute for a full body massage when short on time. This 30 minute massage is an excellent option if you want to try me as your new therapist and want to see if we are a good fit for you. This massage focuses on the muscles of the neck and shoulder area to relieve tense shoulders or ease a pinched nerve.

Duopody Reflexology

Duopody is a modern form of Reflexology, it is a symmetrical technique which works methodically through each body system. 

Working both feet at the same time stabilises our energy and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet, helping us to become more "grounded".

Working each system means that as a Duopodist I am able to develop a treatment plan specific to your individual needs, rather than a "one treatment fits all sequence" approach.

Indulge in a bespoke 90 minute session, a full 60 minute session or even if you are short on time, a 30 minute express or taster session are all available.

Thermal Stone Therapy - Hot & Cold Stone

Thermal Stone Therapy is a specialist massage that uses smooth, flat, heated basalt stones & cold marble stones, combined with crystals to balance & bring back harmony to the body.  Hot Stones are positioned along the sides of your spine, in the palms of your hands, along your legs and between the toes, followed by massage with hot and cold stones.

An amazing vibrational treatment using volcanic stones which conduct heat and the cool sensitive marble stones in the right place at the right time for the right person.

Basalt stones are used for massage as they have a rich iron content that retains heat. Cold marble stones are often used in the treatment to help aid with detoxing and healing the body.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a highly therapeutic massage carried out on led down on a massage couch or sat upright on a massage chair.

Massaging the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck and the face, scalp and head.  Including facial drainage massage, releasing tension and stress in tissues and joints to the head, face, neck, shoulders and arms.

Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology Bergman Method is a deeply restorative and gentle facial reflexology treatment. A fusion of ancient therapies, The Bergman Method integrates ancient Native Indian American healing, traditional Chinese medicine, and Vietnamese face maps with modern science of neurology. Click here to read more.

Holistic Facial

A Holistic Facial is a wonderful way to relax and promote a sense of well-being, also improve the texture of your skin, increase circulation and encourage rejuvenation and cellular activity. Using techniques and natural facial products, can give fantastic results and can be achieved naturally. The natural and healthy alternative to botox, fillers and cosmetic surgery. Click here to read more.

Zone Face Lift

Zone Face Lift which has been hailed as a credible alternative to botox - no invasive cosmetic procedures, just deeply restorative facial reflexology and facial massage techniques, using award winning ZFL Elixir, REN & Neals Yard natural products, Japanese gua sha, cooling quartz crystals and tools to ’lift and sculpt’ the face and spirit. Hot towels and Native American herbs are used for cleansing face and aura. Click here to read more.

Auricular Therapy & Ear Reflexology

A form of complementary medicine based on the idea that the ear is a micro system, which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear. Acupuncture points on the ear are stimulated with electrical stimulation, lasers, magnets, ear pellets or manual pressure. Click here to read more.

Facial Cupping

Facial Cupping uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles on your face, neck & décolletage.  The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which may help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration.  It’s also said to improve the flow of Qi.     

Potential Benefits:

  • Brighten skin
  • Minimise the appearance of scars, fine lines & wrinkles
  • Tone chin, jawline, neck, and décolletage
  • Decrease puffiness
  • Regulate oil production
  • Improve nutrient delivery and product absorption

NEPIP Reflexology

NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP) is an advanced reflexology treatment effective in helping people suffering from stress and anxiety. It is exclusively performed by Level 5 Practitioners and is an unique treatment routine working the feet simultaneously. 

It is an effective protocol for accessing the immune, endocrine and nervous systems through specific techniques together with powerful focused intent in the form of a client relative guided visualisation.

NEPIP is proving to be very effective for stress and anxiety management. It is a useful tool in tackling high stress on the body and the mind, due to either emotional or physical factors) and reducing the impact of persistent stress on our bodies.

Duopody Reflexology

Duopody is a modern form of Reflexology, it is a symmetrical technique which works methodically through each body system. Working both feet at the same time stabilises our energy and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet, helping us to become more "grounded".  

Working each system means that as a Duopodist I am able to develop a treatment plan specific to your individual needs, rather than a "one treatment fits all sequence" approach.

Hot Stones Reflexology 

Hot stone reflexology is the technique of applying pressure to reflex areas on the feet or hands with heated stones to bring about a state of deep relaxation and stimulate the body's own healing processes. It is a natural therapy the boost immune system and calmer mind.

Hot Stone Reflexology adds another dimension to Reflexology, helping you to feel restored, re-balanced and rejuvenated. It gives an indulgent feeling to the treatment, adding a little luxury, using various massage techniques and warm stones, relaxes the body at its deepest level and is effective in creating harmony and balance. The subtle energies of stones introduced into the treatment calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state. Warm stones have been used as a therapeutic tool for massage for centuries with evidence dating back to ancient Egypt, China, Japan, South America and Australia.

Thai SEN Lines, Foot & Leg Massage

Thai foot massage uses the ancient art of Thai reflexology to provide an enjoyable, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience that heals the mind, body, and soul. 

Thai foot massage techniques detoxify and purify the body, helping relieve stress and tension, decrease fatigue, foster good health and mental serenity, and restore balance. 

 During a Thai foot massage, pressure is applies to specific areas of the soles of the feet. In turn, a reflex reaction occurs in another part of the body, which is stimulated by the manipulation of a specific part of the foot.

Thai foot massage is said to be a marriage between reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu, and Indian Ayurvedi yoga. It works on the feet, lower leg, and knees, freeing up blocked energy in the body’s Thai-based meridians to create a feeling of deep relaxation, balance, and well-being.

Pre-Conception (Fertility) Reflexology

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and assists the body and mind to reach a balance, and this turn is thought to affect the balancing of the endocrine system (hormones). 

 Reflexology for preconception is excellent for everyone who is considering getting pregnant, whether you have any problems or not. It’s a great way to ensure that your body is at its best and ready for the forthcoming months.

Many clients who suffer from PCOS, endometriosis, low sperm count, low sperm motility among many other issues, have used Reflexology as a support.

Many couples have found it very helpful to receive Reflexology treatments when dealing the stress and emotional upheavals linked with assisted conception methods, after miscarriages or just due to the disappointments from not getting pregnant.

Pregnancy  & Post Natal Reflexology

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a wonderful experience however it can also be very emotional. The fluctuation in hormones can increase anxiety and the physical changes can leave women feeling exhausted. 

Reflexology can help support women through these physical and emotional changes. Reflexology during pregnancy tries to encourage relaxation, reduce anxiety, reduce feelings of stress and improve sleep. It may also provide relief to many physical symptoms experienced in the second and third trimester.

Postnatal hormones can also leave women feeling low, tearful or anxious. These feelings can be exacerbated by lack of sleep. Research has shown that reflexology may improve the quality of sleep in postnatal women.

Offering parent and baby treatments which can be a perfect way for you to both bond and relax.

Reflexology For Children

Children and teenagers can be prone to feeling stressed, there is so much going on in their bodies and minds due to the physical, emotional and cognitive development, that children can sometimes find it difficult to verbalise what is wrong and stress can show up as changes in their normal behaviours. 

For example, trouble sleeping or waking in the night, thumb sucking, nail biting or chewing hair, becoming clingy, withdrawn, sad or angry or suffering with frequent ailments.

Reflexology may help to reduce anxiety and can be a fun treatment for children and young adults.


You should always let me know in advance if you:

  • Are, or think you might be, pregnant
  • Have any medical conditions or are receiving any treatment or medication
  • A history of Phlebitis, DVT or Cellulitis
  • Have recently had an injury or operation
  • Are allergic to anything, particularly skin allergies
  • Have any broken skin or sores on your scalp
  • Have a fever or infection

This will enable me to assess and adapt our appointment sessions.