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Joanne Davies Complementary Therapies

A journey to holistic & spiritual wellness  | Touch therapies for your  Body, Mind & Soul

Incorporating western techniques and eastern wisdom, balancing your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is profoundly powerful and extremely invigorating in allowing a duel sense of feeling stimulated & energised while also experiencing relaxation and fine balancing.

Indian Head Massage focuses on the upper back, shoulders and neck, as well as the scalp and face.

Indian Head Massage benefits may include:

  • May stimulate hair growth
  • Mental and physical relaxation
  • A true sense of restored well-being & balance
  • A positive boost of energy and release of stress & tension
  • Maximising the supply of nutrients by increased circulation
  • Regulates blood pressure and may help in reducing cholesterol levels
  • Lymphatic drainage and improved range of motion and muscle flexibility
  • Improving muscle tone, cellulite and water retention
  • Loosening of tight muscles and connective tissues

Indian Head Massage treatment is practical, oil free and very functional. It is especially good for those who would like to achieve a sense of well-being and balance while also feeling re-energised. As Indian Head Massage does not use oil, you will be able to walk away feeling revitalised, happy and ready to face the world with a newly found sense of balance.

Who can benefit from Indian Head Massage?

  • Any body of any age 
  • Muscular aches & pains: including neck, shoulder & back pain
  • Stress, tension, anxiety, headaches, migraine and insomnia
  • Occupational & postural aches