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Joanne Davies Reflexology

NEPIP Reflexology

NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP) is an advanced reflexology treatment effective in helping people suffering from stress and anxiety. It is exclusively performed by Level 5 Practitioners and is an unique treatment routine working the feet simultaneously. It is an effective protocol for accessing the immune, endocrine and nervous systems through specific techniques together with powerful focused intent in the form of a client relative guided visualisation.

Neurology is the study of the nervous system

Endocrinology is the study of the endocrine system

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour (the Greek word psyche =spirit/soul)

Immunology is the study of the immune system

Pody means feet in Greek

NEPIP, the scientific study of the relationship between our brain, our nervous system activities and their direct relationship with the endocrine system, how this affects our health via the immune system and all replicated/reflected on the feet.

History of NEPIP

NEPIP is based on the scientific principle of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) which is the study of the interactions that occur between the nervous and immune systems and their relationship with behavior and health. PNI is an important relatively new field that lends solid research to our understanding of the mind-body connection.

An interesting article:

How does NEPIP work?

The NEPIP treatment works with the theory that each bodily system affects the other and by enabling the flow from one system to another we help the body and brain interact and communicate. NEPIP is a unique reflexology routine for accessing the immune, nervous, endocrine and limbic systems through specific techniques. This is further facilitated with powerful focused intent.

Potential Benefits of NEPIP

In addition to all potential benefits of a reflexology treatment NEPIP is proving to be very effective for stress and anxiety management. It is a useful tool in tackling high stress on the body and the mind, due to either emotional or physical factors) and reducing the impact of persistent stress on our bodies.