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Joanne Davies Reflexology


REFLEXOLOGY has been around for over 5000 years, it is a non-intrusive complementary therapy based on the principle that different zones, points and reflexes on the feet, hands, face and ears, which relate to the internal organs, glands and other structures of the body. By stimulating these reflex points can encourage the body’s own natural ability to heal itself on a physical and emotional level. Reflexology is suitable for all ages and is an incredible relaxing, non-invasive therapy which can alleviate everyday stress and tension, improve circulation and in turn bring about an overall sense of well-being. Reflexology can help with many ailments that are acute, as well as chronic. It can also help to manage life’s challenges, helping to re-balance then mind and body, helping your body get back to its normal balance and promote healthy circadian rhythms.

Reflexology is a touch therapy; by making hand contact with the clients feet and occasionally the hands, face & ears

The feet have over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot, these relate to sore or imbalanced areas of the body. For a Reflexologist the feet represent the body in miniature, we work with the nerve receptors that affect the entire body, These areas are manipulated and massaged with pressure placed upon various reflex points, which corresponds to various systems and organs in the body. Using the thumbs and fingers to detect any imbalances which may be as a result of stress, illness or injury.  Working these reflexes in a very specific way to initiate a beneficial response in a corresponding area of the body, incorporating meridian points (acupuncture points) & advanced techniques to encourage your body to achieve 'homeostasis' balance.   All the systems of the body are worked on the feet; musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, senses, intergumentary, urinary, endocrine, nervous, immune and lymphatic.  The feet contain numerous touch sensitive receptors, more than many other parts of the body. Pressure on touch sensitive receptors stimulates the body's Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS). The PSNS is responsible for initialising many physical responses, such as:

Decreasing muscle tension

Inducing deep relaxation

Reducing inflammation

Lowering blood pressure

Lowering heart rate

Improving digestive efficiency

Improving immune efficiency

All the above are unpleasantly affected in response to stress

 'It is thought that more than 75% of all medical conditions

can be directly attributed to the effects of stress' - BMA

Deep relaxation and stimulation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System are essential components in negating the effects of stress and therefore reducing disease.

DUOPODY Meaning two feet - two (duo) feet (pody), is the practice of working both feet simultaneously at the same time and methodically, reflecting organs, systems and zones within the body, this is a new advance and innovative technique of reflexology, which is proving to have profound effects on health and well-being. Duopody treats each system at a time, giving a balanced therapy. The advantage of using this technique is that each treatment can be tailored to address an individual’s specific needs on the day of treatment. It allows specific systems to be worked on i.e. Digestive, Respiratory, Nervous, Lymphatic and Immune systems, and to treats the whole person to restore both physical and mental well-being.

Reflexology is becoming recognised more and more by health care professionals and doctors as beneficial to their patients and being incorporated into areas within the NHS such as palliative care and maternity.  Many people turn to reflexology at times of stress but also experience relief from numerous other conditions including muscular, joint and skeletal pain, back, neck, sports and other injuries, headaches, migraine and sleep disturbance, women’s health, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, pregnancy, digestive and respiratory disorders, circulation problems, skin conditions and mental health issues.  

 As a holistic therapy, Duopody reflexology treats the person as a whole rather than simply focusing on a set of presenting symptoms 

This includes the emotional and spiritual being as well as the physical and is a deeply calming, relaxing and sedative treatment

 Each treatment will be individual to those physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs

with the aim of helping to re-balance the body to achieve 

healing & well-being in a relaxing, rejuvenating and therapeutic way

Releasing tension often brought on by stressful situations, restoring energy levels, improving sleep,

and to promote the feeling of being emotionally and physically stronger

Alongside Duopody a variety of other techniques are integrated into the treatment plan providing a tailor-made treatment at each visit:

NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody (NEPIP) is an advanced reflexology protocol that is exclusive to reflexologists trained to the level 5 mastership. NEPIP is an amazing treatment at the cutting edge of reflexology. It is particularly effective in helping people suffering from stress and anxiety as it uses advanced protocols which work on the principle of increasing the flow of communication between the mind, immune and nervous systems, all of which are involved with and can also be adversely affected by stress.

CALM technique or reflectotherapy for stress- balances extremes of energy and tension

Universal Technique to help release emotion, mental activity and thoughts

Metamorphic Technique a self-empowering technique

Linking creates energetic links between systems or organs in order to achieve balance

Meridians & Acupressure Points – energy network of the body

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What Can I Expect From My First Treatment?

Your first treatment session will last for approximately 1 & ½ hours, this allows time to complete a consultation form to establish your general health, medical history, lifestyle and discuss why you've come for a reflexology treatment session.  As reflexology is a holistic treatment aiming to treat the 'whole person' in order to bring about balance to your mind, body and spirit, the consultation will be followed by a thorough analysis of the reflex points on your feet to establish any out of balanced reflexes. Working over all the foot and noting down any reflex or reflected imbalances that are detect, which will be discuss as to what those imbalances may relate to.  Based upon the findings in the consultation as well as the first treatment we will discuss your personal treatment plan, the regularity of treatments within that plan will also be discussed with regard to finance and time allowance. During the treatment plan, regular re-assessments will be made according to changes that may occur. Your treatment plan will be personal and specific to you and your conditions and health. 

Reflexology isn't ticklish and pressure can range from a feather like touch, ideal for babies and those with extremely sensitive feet, to a firm pressure for individuals who prefer a much deeper treatment, we can discuss to see what suits you best.  During the treatment you are seated in a reclining chair which is very relaxing in itself!  Many will close their eyes and relax during the treatment, some remain alert and speak throughout, and some will even fall into deep sleep. It is your treatment and you decide how you would most like to enjoy it.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment, however you may feel some tenderness in certain areas corresponding to parts of the body which are out of balance, but this is usually momentarily as the practitioner will adjust the pressure to work within your tolerance.  The treatment ends with a foot massage and some relaxation techniques.  Most leave the treatment feeling totally relaxed, happy and reporting a good night's sleep.  

After your treatment you may experience some of the self-healing symptoms, but I must stress that everyone's reactions may vary. These reactions are important because they show how your body is responding to treatments, you may experience some of the following:

Releasing toxins

Going to toilet more often

Having a stuffy or runny nose

Sweating or Shivering

Changes in body temperature - cold or warm

Changes in energy levels - feeling tired or full of energy

Having a mild headache

Feeling emotional or happy

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Everyone is different and our bodies may respond quicker to treatments than others, you may feel an improvement after one treatment, however, it may be advisable that a course of treatments would be more beneficial followed up with monthly maintenance treatments, based on an individual’s health.  For clients who have health issues a personal tailored treatment plan will be discussed. Depending on individual preference, finance and other matters the client and we will decide upon an appropriate treatment program together. This tailored treatment plan is re-assessed and updated on a regular basis.  For clients in good health a monthly treatment is suggested to keep the body in balance.

Further Treatments

After your first treatment all subsequent treatments will be specifically planned to enhance your health; most reflex or reflected points will still be worked during the treatment but priority will be given to the ones showing imbalance. This tailored treatment plan is re-assessed and updated on a regular basis.

As a qualified Reflexologist I do NOT ever claim to

diagnose, prescribe or cure any complaints or illnesses