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Joanne Davies Complementary Therapies

A journey to holistic & spiritual wellness  | Touch therapies for your  Body, Mind & Soul

Incorporating western techniques and eastern wisdom, balancing your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual self

Zone Face Lift

I have trained in Zone Face Lift (ZFL) which has also been created and pioneered by Ziggie, ZFL has been hailed as a credible alternative to botox - no invasive cosmetic procedures, just deeply restorative facial reflexology and facial massage techniques, using award winning ZFL Elixir, REN & Neals Yard natural products, Japanese gua sha, cooling quartz crystals and tools to ’lift and sculpt’ the face and spirit. Hot towels and Native American herbs are used for cleansing face and aura.

Zone Face Lift is a holistic facial, facial reflexology and massage experience like no other. It naturally lifts you face and your spirit! It's truly a "spiritual facelift" a new was to naturally age well! With the aim of improving our appearance from the inside out. An amazing Holistic Facial using hot towels to hydrate and nourish the skin, followed by healing visualisations to release emotions held in the face. Then applying techniques of Facial Reflexology points with Japanese massage techniques and incorporating many tools such as rose quartz crystals, gua sha, acupressure roller, hot towels and an uplifting crystal infused elixir oil & Native American healing herbs to cleanse the face and aura.

I look forward to journeying with you with this amazing 12 week programme, for you to experience this transformative personal journey. The Zone Face Lift has been extensively featured in the national press, with beauty magazines reporting "10 years of ageing being removed over a 12 week programme"